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Red Hat Open Demos are the technical live demo sessions led by Red Hat Technical Experts. You can learn about Red Hat solutions and products and gain technical knowledge. As it’s the one of a series of Open Demos, you can find more information for other sessions.

Today’s Open Demo

In today's fast-paced software development landscape, the integration of security practices within DevOps methodologies is pivotal for creating resilient and secure systems. This session dives into the essence of DevSecOps, emphasizing the crucial role of security in the entire development lifecycle.
We'll explore strategies and best practices to infuse security seamlessly into DevOps workflows, fostering a culture where security isn’t an afterthought but an integral part of the development process. From threat modelling and code analysis to continuous monitoring and incident response, this talk will show some actionable steps and tools to fortify your DevSecOps pipeline.
Join us in our session to see it in action!
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Chris Jenkins

Chris Jenkins

 Principal Chief Architect, Red Hat

Chris is a visionary Principal Chief Architect renowned for spearheading innovative cybersecurity strategies and fostering the seamless adoption of cutting-edge security measures. With over 30 years of distinguished experience in the technology industry, Chris is a trailblazer known for crafting robust security frameworks that fortify organisations against evolving cyber threats while ensuring business continuity and growth.
As a strategic leader, Chris possesses a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity landscapes, harnessing this knowledge to architect bespoke solutions that align with business objectives. This includes orchestrating enterprise-wide security transformations, integrating agile methodologies, and implementing adaptive defences to mitigate risks effectively.
Chris's expertise extends to pioneering initiatives that bridge technological advancements with security imperatives. He has a track record of developing and implementing multifaceted security architectures, empowering organisations across diverse sectors to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and industry-specific compliance requirements seamlessly.
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