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Red Hat Open Demo - Crunchy Data: AI Inside Postgres

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Red Hat Open Demos are the technical live demo sessions led by Red Hat Technical Experts. You can learn about Red Hat solutions and products and gain technical knowledge. As it’s the one of a series of Open Demos, you can find more information for other sessions.
Today’s Open Demo 
You can leverage the magic of AI within a database! Using the pgVector Postgres extension, you can retrieve and store OpenAI embeddings. Crunchy Data is a Red Hat partner so customers can leverage this technology in OpenShift or other Red Hat managed products. We will explain the basics of how this works and give a demo and sample code for some simple AI recommendations. This is a great tool to help Red Hat users utilize existing data and bring value with AI into their operations.
Join us in our session to see it in action!

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Karen Jex

Karen Jex

Senior Solutions Architect, Crunchy Data

Karen is a Senior Solutions Architect at Crunchy Data and has worked with databases for over 20 years including Oracle and PostgreSQL. Karen speaks at PostgreSQL events including pgDay Paris, PG Conf Europe, FOSDEM and developer events like PyCon, DjangoCon, Red Hat Summit Connect. Karen is based in the French Alps.
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