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Cybersecurity in Critical National Infrastructure - Webinar 3



This webinar will be a walkthrough of a pipeline process, to show how DevSecOps practices can improve software development and deployment.
It features several Red Hat solutions including OpenShift Container Platform, Advanced Cluster Management, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security, Tekton pipelines, and ArgoCD, along with Hashicorp's Vault community edition for secrets management. We will show a comprehensive DevSecOps workflow with a GitOps approach to centrally manage multiple clusters and workloads, coupled with advanced security monitoring and observability capabilities.


The earlier webinars in our Cybersecurity for CNI organisations series are now available to view on demand! Please click below to access the recordings:


Mark Roberts, Principal Solution Architect

Mark Roberts is a Red Hat Principal Solution Architect focussing on the transformation of development and runtime platforms as customers transition to microservice based applications operating on Red Hat OpenShift. Mark is a software developer at heart with experience of Java, NodeJS, C, C++, PERL, Fortran and machine code and has experience of web applications, desktop applications and safety critical real-time embedded systems. Mark spent many years working in pre-sales roles covering deployment automation, software development lifecycles, and configuration and change management.

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