Cybersecurity in Critical National Infrastructure Webinar 2



Join us for the second of our three-part webinar series, on Cybersecurity in CNI.
Frontline security is paramount in critical national infrastructure. Protection from all angles is an ongoing priority.
We will talk about the importance of detecting vulnerability early and remediating immediately or as quickly as possible. We will take a look at the importance of identifying where the impact of security issues can be mitigated through building automated remediation of all areas of your IT systems.
What you'll learn:
* How to automate infrastructure remediation
* Identifying the areas to monitor in your infrastructure
* Simplifying security automation through Ansible Automation Platform


 All the webinars in our Cybersecurity for CNI organisations are available on demand:
* Webinar 4 - coming soon!


Matt York, Senior Specialist Solution Architect
Patrick Harrison, Associate Principal Specialist Solution Architect
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