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Azure Red Hat OpenShift has grown to become the default choice for customers who need an application platform, built on Kubernetes and Containers, running on Azure. This Cloud Service is developed and delivered jointly by Red Hat and Microsoft, and serves the needs of customers of all sizes, in all verticals.

Join this session to get an overview of OpenShift Container Platform, and see how this Cloud Service is delivered on Azure. We will start with a few slides, but this session is mostly an opportunity to really see a demo of the capabilities of Azure Red Hat OpenShift, and to ask your questions with the experts.

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James Read

James Read

Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat

James is an EMEA Red Hat Solution Architect for Red Hat on Azure, and has been with Red Hat for over 10 years. James enjoys a deep technical background as a Red Hat Certified Architect, but especially enjoys explaining how technology can help solve business challenges around DevOps and the adoption of public cloud.
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