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Securing Kubernetes Secret at Scale with Conjur Secrets Management for OpenShift



This demo session will demonstrate best practices for securing non-human access and identities at scale with robust centralized secrets management on OpenShift 4 with streamlined deployment and enhanced security standards.

During this session we will show you how to scale secrets management according to demand with the rapid deployment of followers through the OpenShift-Conjur Operator, enabling High Availability and Load Balancing via JWT authentication. This integration uses the internal functionalities of OpenShift 4.

Ultimately, the core of this demonstration lies in underlining the simple yet effective approach to securing Kubernetes workloads. Attendees will gain practical insights into how these integrated technologies offer a pragmatic solution for safeguarding crucial secrets within the OpenShift realm.

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Tudor I. Urdes

 DevOps Solutions Engineer, Cyberark

Tudor I. Urdes is an invaluable member of the Cyberark team for over 2 years. In the capacity of a DevSecOps SME, Tudor's focus centers on Cyberark's DevSecOps portfolio, encompassing pivotal solutions like Conjur Enterprise, Conjur Cloud, and Secrets Hub. With a diverse background spanning roles such as senior DevOps engineer, programmer, Solaris expert, and network domain system administrator, Tudor brings a wealth of experience to his current role. Notably, he also possesses the skills of an ethical hacker, underpinning his profound understanding of cybersecurity. Furthermore, Tudor enhances his technical prowess with an MBA in Cybersecurity, solidifying his standing as a well-rounded professional.
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