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OpenShift Service Mesh introduction



Organizations have been doing network segmentation for years, but the paradigm has changed due to microservices. Today, network segmentation is not only about applications communicating among themselves but also about hundreds or thousands of small pieces of an application (microservices) talking to each other. 
  • How can you manage and secure the communication between microservices
  • How can you take advantage of networking techniques to do canary deployments or A/B testing? 
  • How can you visualize and monitor the communication between your microservices?
Today we'll introduce OpenShift Service Mesh, the technology that aims to answer all these questions.

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Pablo Preciado

Pablo Preciado

Specialist Solution Architect
Red Hat

Pablo Preciado is a Specialist Solution Architect in the EMEA Portfolio SSA team, covering the Red Hat solution portfolio with a focus on the infrastructure and automation topics. After working for more than seven years in the IT industry, Pablo joined Red Hat in 2021 where he helps customers understand how they can achieve their objectives and streamline processes using solutions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform or Red Hat OpenShift.

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