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Ansible Execution Environments: How to build, publish and use EE with the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform



With the launch of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2, we introduced the concept of Execution Environments into the platform. It allows us to run our Playbooks in a reliable, predictable and scalable environment, replacing the Python virtual environments. In this demo we will quickly discuss the benefits of execution environments and then show how you can build, distribute and use them to run your Ansible Playbooks.
For this demo we assume you have some basic knowledge of how Ansible works, what a Playbook is and how to run it. However, no deeper expertise or knowledge is required.

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Christian Jung

Christian Jung

Principal Specialist Solution Architect
Red Hat

Christian Jung is an EMEA Principal Specialist Solution Architect for Ansible and has been with Red Hat since 2006. As a technology specialist he runs workshops, demos, presentations, and helps customers and partners on their Automation journey.

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