CEE Red Hat Tech Talks: Application Modernization and Developer Experience not only for Java applications



Join us for Red Hat Open Talks on April 13, 2023.

In this webinar David Bečvařík and Patrik Plachý we'll discuss the tools available to facilitate application modernization. We'll look at an example of a workflow for developers who write code, test the application, and eventually move it to the next stage of deployment into production.

  • Open source technologies, such as Java, are especially useful for organizations that have complex needs and require a high degree of scalability and flexibility. Java applications are also highly secure, and can easily be tested for vulnerabilities and patched quickly

  • Migrating monolithic Java-based applications to operate more efficiently in a cloud environment has not always been obvious for developers and vendors

  • Red Hat and OpenShift offer platforms, tools and services to help you on your journey to cloud native


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David Bečvařík

Chief Solution Architect CEE
Red Hat

Being a Chief Solution Architect for CEE region at Red Hat David still remains a developer and a promoter of Open Source. He is currently working on the problems of containerization, modern application development and pragmatic AI/ML usage on the community scene as well, in the Prague Containers Meetup and the new Grumpy Programmers group.

Patrik Plachý

Senior Solution Architect
Red Hat

Patrik started as a developer in C and later in C ++, Pascal and Python. He later programmed modules for Oracle Database and moved on to code design for Backends. He has helped customers deploy Enterprise systems and in recent years has focused on Linux, Clusterware and High Availability. He is currently a Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat, where he specializes in container development and its deployment on customer side in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
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