Automatic Remediation on AAP2 using Insights

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Come and join us as we embark on a journey to automatically remediate vulnerabilities and configuration conflicts. Automation controller supports integration with Red Hat Insights. Once a host is registered with Insights, it will be continually scanned for vulnerabilities and known configuration conflicts. Each of the found problems may have an associated fix in the form of an Ansible playbook. Insights users can create a maintenance plan to group the fixes and, ultimately, create a playbook to mitigate the problems. Automation controller tracks the maintenance plan playbooks via an Insights project. Authentication to Insights via Basic Auth is backed by a special Insights Credential, which must first be established in automation controller. To ultimately run an Insights Maintenance Plan, you need an Insights project, and an Insights inventory.



Amaya Rosa Gil Pippino

Senior Specialist Solution Architect

Red Hat

Amaya Gil is a Senior Specialist Solution Architect in the EMEA Portfolio SSA team, covering the Red Hat portfolio with a focus on platform automation. Starting as a Technical Support Engineer, she evolved into an ITIL consultant and then into PreSales for Enterprise IT solutions. With a diverse background, from Software Engineering to IT Solution Design using hardware and software, has a passion to help Enterprise IT enable the business.
Over the last years in Red Hat, Amaya's been helping customers, partners, and colleagues in diverse positions such as Global Solutions Architect or Global Technical Marketing Manager.
Computer Science Engineer from Madrid (Spain), RHCA and a proud Redhatter since 2.010, is now EMEA Senior Specialist Solutions Architect at Red Hat.

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