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DevNation Federal 2021


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Kubernetes has taken the industry by storm and become the de-facto orchestration standard throughout the commercial and government sectors. As kubernetes has evolved, so have the conversations about security, observability, serverless, and gitops. The full impact these topics have on technology is still emerging. 

Tune into DevNation Federal on-demand, an immersive virtual experience created to bring the public sector the most exciting developer and technology updates about cloud native applications, and highlight agencies and organizations that are innovating in this space.

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This premier event is the only one of its kind, produced by developers for developers. DevNation Federal brings the most respected industry experts, government officials, academic leaders and key maintainers of popular open source projects to your screen.

Join developers across the globe, including leaders from GitLab, RedMonk, JPL, Red Hat, and more. Later, attend workshops to dive deeper into topics that include DevSecOps, data, and edge. 


  • Developers, Developers, Developers!
  • Architects
  • Data Scientists
  • System Administrators
  • Technical Managers

Virtual event details

Date: Aired on June 8 - 10, 2021

Time: Now available on-demand

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*The on-demand videos will be available for one year after the event date

DAY 1 | On-Demand

Opening keynote
Speaker: Adam Steltzner, Chief Engineer, JPL
From Adam Steltzner’s, "What do you dare to become," life motto, his inspiring presence, all the way to his experience and work at JPL leading historical missions, comes the DevNation opening keynote - Into the Unknown: Perseverance, Ingenuity, and the Road to the Next Horizon. Hear from Adam about disruption from the lens of the 2020 - 2021 pandemic, his mission to Mars, his great successes, and great failures. There are opportunities to be had in the next horizon.
Data Analytics for the Edge
Speakers: Jonathan Katz, VP of Platform Engineering, Crunchy Data 
Crunchy Data's VP of Platform Engineering, Jonathan S. Katz, will be giving a demo of data analytics at the edge using open source technology. Jonathan describes how databases sitting at “the edge” contain valuable analytics insights, how Kubernetes provides advantages for scaling, coordinating, and consuming edge data into centralized BI databases, and more.
Lessons Learned from Building Open Source AI Platforms
Speaker: Mojgan Pedoeim, GBS Federal Hybrid Cloud Chief Architect, IBM
Trinette A Surles, Cognitive Distinguish engineer, IBM
What does it take to establish an integrated, open source, cloud agnostic, scalable, and secure artificial intelligence (AI) platform? What would you do with this platform if you were able to build it? Hear from IBM’s Mojgan Pedoeim and Trinette Brownhill to learn how to establish an agile environment to build automated, repeatable, and scalable minimal viable products and a suite of advanced machine learning models. 

DAY 2 | On-Demand

The Use of Data in Modern Applications
Moderator: Rachel Stephens, Analyst, Redmonk
Speaker: Taylor McCaslin, Principal Product Manager, Secure - Static Analysis, GitLab
Arun Sundaram, VP, Software Development, Enquizit, Inc.
Tej Tenmattam, Sr. Solutions Engineer & Data Scientist, Cloudera
Data is an increasingly crucial aspect of modern applications, but with data comes challenges. What architectures and tools are needed to take advantage of data? How do development processes and skill sets need to be adapted? How can this all be done securely? Join us in this session as the panel discusses how to reap the benefits of building data-driven applications.
MLOps - Why It Matters and How To Do It Right
Speakers: Chris Kang, Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Ken Kato, Entrepreneur in Residence, Navy Digital Warfare Office
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) is at the forefront of government initiatives today.  While undertaking AI/ML projects can be complex, MLOps can significantly streamline the delivery of AI models into production.  However, many view MLOps as a blackbox because they lack a solid understanding of why and how it works.  The goal of this session is to demystify MLOps, illustrate why it matters in achieving AI goals, and provide fundamental tips to build a scalable MLOps practice.
Fireside Chat: Lessons learned from shipping Open Source software
Speaker: Tiffany Jachja, Technical Evangelist, Harness
Learn from Tiffany Jachja, Technical Evangelist at Harness, about her lessons learned over the course of years working with open source software. Topics include importance of Governance, the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), and making decisions around CI/DC and automation. Refer to DevOps Handbook.

DAY 3 | On-Demand

A better approach to integrating security processes into the DevOps Pipeline
Speaker: Mark Hurter, Secrets Manager Specialist, Cyberark
Jody Hunt, Secrets Manager Specialist, Cyberark
Automation is a critical part of improving operational efficiency for federal agencies, but agencies often struggle with integrating security into CI/CD pipelines without affecting velocity. However, by shifting the CI/CD process left, agencies can develop processes that integrate security processes with developer needs to ensure compliance at scale without slowing development progress. In this session, you'll learn:  
  • Best practices for securing sensitive information in the DevOps/GitOps pipeline.  
  • The process agencies can take to strengthen their security posture.  
  • Balanced approaches to integrating secrets management into modern development practices. 
Fireside Chat: Lessons learned from running container workloads on Kubernetes
Speaker: Donald Wilson, PLM Configuration Spec, Gulfstream Aerospace
There are many different ways to implement Kubernetes. Everything from DYI options to existing platforms… but what is the best option for you and your team? In this fireside chat, learn from an industry expert about his approach to running container workloads on Kubernetes. 

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