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Red Hat Open Demo - Red Hat build of Keycloak



Red Hat Open Demos are the live demo sessions run by Red Hat technical experts to provide information and technical knowledge about Red Hat products and solutions to customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. 
Today’s Open Demo 
Most of us use single sign-on (SSO) somewhere in our daily lives without even knowning it. What is behind it and how does it work? Discover what is Keycloak and how it fits into Red Hat SSO(Single Sign-on) product and why Red Hat is changing the product name to Red Hat Build of Keycloak.
RH-SSO is based on the Keycloak project and the goal of Red Hat Single Sign-On is to make security simple so that it is easy for application developers to secure the apps and services they have deployed in their organization.
We will have a high level discussion and demonstration what is Keycloak and RH-SSO, and what is happening with the future planned release 'Red Hat Build of Keycloak 22' which will replace the next major release of Red Hat Single Sign-On (RH-SSO) version 8.0.

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Marcelo Daniel Sales is an information technology professional with over 20 years of experience in the software development market. He has a postgraduate degree in Software Architecture and Project Management and is currently studying for a Masters in Cloud and High Performance Computing at the Politecnica University of Valencia. An open source enthusiast, he participates in many development communities and has a passion for spreading knowledge. In his spare time, which is few, he likes to spend time with his family watching movies or traveling.
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