Red Hat Open Demo - Security and compliance for OpenShift platform and workload



Red Hat Open Demos are the technical live demo sessions led by Red Hat Technical Experts. You can learn about Red Hat solutions and products and gain technical knowledge. As it’s the one of a series of Open Demos, you can find more information for other sessions.

Today’s Open Demo

This session will focus on the compliance of the OpenShift platform and containerised workloads with respect to specific compliance standards. Advanced Cluster Security will be used as the vehicle for visualisation of compliance standards, while both ACS and Advanced Cluster Management will be used for the delivery of compliance controls.
Join us in our session to see it in action!
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Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat

Mark Roberts is a Red Hat Principal Solution Architect focusing on development process and practice as customers transition to microservice based applications. Specifically, Mark has skills in the Red Hat solutions - OpenShift, Advanced Cluster Management, Advanced Cluster Security and Quay.

Mark is a software developer at heart with experience of Java, NodeJS, C, C++, PERL, Fortran and machine code and has worked on web and desktop applications and safety critical real-time embedded systems. Mark has spent many years working in pre-sales roles covering deployment automation, software development life-cycles, and configuration and change management.

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