Red Hat Open Demo - NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller For OpenShift



Red Hat Open Demos are the technical live demo sessions led by Red Hat Technical Experts. You can learn about Red Hat solutions and products and gain technical knowledge. As it’s the one of a series of Open Demos, you can find more information for other sessions. 

Today’s Open Demo 

This solution is designed to share the experience of deploying a modern application along with the NGINX Ingress Controller for Red Hat OpenShift. Throughout the solution are steps and notes highlighting the procedure to create a successful application deployment with NGINX Ingress Controller. Examples at the end of the solution are in place to share current relevant deployment styles for today's applications.
Join us in our session to see it in action!

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Steffen Henke

Steffen Henke

Senior Solutions Engineer NGINX EMEA, F5 Networks

Steffan Henke is a Technical Solutions Architect at NGINX/F5 based in Warsaw, Poland. Having worked in the IT sector for more than 25 years he has built a diverse background encompassing Security, Networking, Hardware and Software architecture. Coming from IT Operations, Steffan has a UNIX/Linux background and loves NGINX. Steffan interacts daily with NGINX customers, helping them translate their requirements into modern architecture.
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