Demystifying Containerization: Managed v DIY

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Red Hat OpenShift is a suite of container orchestration products, and the industry's leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes. It’s a software product that includes components of the Kubernetes container management project, but is enhanced with productivity and security features.
Simply put, OpenShift cloud services help you unlock the power of Kubernetes and focus on your business. It gives developers self-service environments for building, and full-stack automated operations on any infrastructure.


OpenShift is more than a Kubernetes distribution. OpenShift delivers a complete app platform - an application development, deployment, and runtime platform with additional features such as build pipelines, monitoring, security, service mesh, and more, on top of upstream Kubernetes.

OpenShift cloud services are first-party, native, jointly engineered, operated, and supported by Red Hat and leading cloud providers:
* ARO and ROSA are accessed within the Azure console or AWS portal
* Users can take advantage of cloud features such as native on-demand billing, consistent support and management between Red Hat and the cloud provider, integration with cloud services, expanded deployment regions, available certifications and regulatory compliance,and the ability to apply cloud service costs against committed spend.
With organic growth spreading workloads on-premise, across multiple clouds, and at the edge,  Red Hat OpenShift cloud services' consistent experience allows developers to maintain their productivity levels without interruption.


During this webinar, we will show how your organization can reduce and manage the complexities of building, deploying, running and managing applications:
* Focus on building and scaling applications that add value to the business
* How to get better performance, reliability, resiliency, and increased ROI
* Realise faster time to value
* Take advantage of current cloud investments and entitlements with your cloud provider of choice
* Get a consistent OpenShift experience across any environment (public cloud, private cloud, edge)
* Simplify operations so your teams can refocus on innovation, not managing infrastructure.


Per-Ove Johansson, Emerging SSP - Cloud Services, EMEA

The IT environment is changing and the way we consume IT and utilize services are also changing, with the diversity and presence of not only several generations co-existing in the organizations, but also pandemics and sustainability concerns. What is the new normal? These are challenges that I am well-suited to understand and try to solve.
It is like a Swiss army knife with lots of features and functions, but if we do not understand why and how it is to be used, we will miss the target and risk having deployed services that are not used and scaled to full coverage, or paying more for less. IT should be easy to consume but that doesn’t mean it is simple to deploy.
I am a passionate problem solver, team player and disruptive thinker with a wealth of industry experience that I apply to assist and help my customers and their organizations to solve and bridge gaps that might be obstacles in reaching the full effect of their IT investments. My focus is always on how the customer can become more successful. This also means understanding how they are consuming the services they need to become productive and what the business value is on their investments.

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