Deploying Quarkus to OpenShift/Kubernetes



Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP) is a Kubernetes-based application platform that provides developers with a consistent way to develop, deploy and scale applications. RHOCP includes a variety of tools for container-based application development and deployment, enabling enterprises to enhance their application lifecycle management and delivery processes.
Red Hat Build of Quarkus provides developers pre-made container image templates called Container files or Docker files for their applications. The container image templates simplify containerizing. Red Hat build of Quarkus applications and ensures that the resulting container image follows best practices for containerized applications on RHOCP. This is useful, for example, for containerizing your application within a continuous pipeline and deploying your applications to production environments.
In this open demo session, we will explore how to deploy an application written in Java from a skeleton with the Quarkus framework to an OpenShift environment.

Questions? Please contact Red Hat EMEA at emeaevents@redhat.com


Sylvain Martin

Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat

Sylvain Martin joined Red Hat in 2022 as an EMEA Specialist Solution Architect. Sylvain started coding and installing Linux 17 years ago. During his career he worked in several startups, software companies and larger companies covering different technical roles. Sylvain likes to learn new technologies and share his knowledge as well as his energy when collaborating with other people. Understanding products, solutions and cloud computing while experimenting with new tooling is what he loves above all else.


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