Red Hat Enterprise Linux : Managing systems using the web console



The Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) web console is a web-based interface designed for managing and monitoring RHEL systems. This powerful and extensible web console ensures that system admins—even those new to Linux—can accomplish many complex tasks such as administering storage, user accounts, virtual machines and containers, as well as configuring network interfaces, performing system updates and inspecting logs with ease.

During the demo we will explore together how we can perform these operations with ease, using the RHEL web console.



Alessandro Rossi

Red Hat

Specialist Solution Architect

Alessandro Rossi is a Specialist Solution Architect in the EMEA Portfolio SSA team, covering the Red Hat solution portfolio with a focus on the application platform topic. Alessandro joined Red Hat in 2021, but he's been working in the Linux and open source ecosystem since 2012. He's done instructing and consulting for Red Hat and delivered training on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Ansible Automation, and Red Hat OpenShift, and has supported companies during product implementation.

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