Build and deploy using Ansible content developer tools

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Come and join us as we will explore how Ansible content tools speed up development life-cycles. 
Recent enhancements include Ansible Content Collections, automation execution environments, and an increasing list of integrations using plugins and modules. It is more important than ever that both new and experienced content creators have access to tools that help them write better content faster. The newly created Ansible Devtools initiative focuses on developing and enhancing tools like ansible-navigator, ansible-builder, Ansible VScode extension, and so on to help ease the Ansible automation content creator experience
  • Ansible-navigator is a command based tool for creating, reviewing, and troubleshooting Ansible content, including inventories, playbooks, and collections
  • Ansible-builder is a tool that aids in the creation of Ansible Execution Environments
  • and lastly, Ansible Visual Studio Code extension which is a free GUI text editor



Craig Brandt

Red Hat

Principal Technical Marketing Manager

Craig Brandt is a Principal Technical Marketing Manager for Ansible Automation Platform. Prior to this position, Craig served as a Solution Architect representing Red Hat at the IBM Services Integration Hub. He focused on large, complex deals that covered EMEA, LATAM and Canada regions. He brings over 16 years of experience in the IT field that covers automation, containerisation, management, operations, development and solution design

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