HPE Full Stack deployment: from firmware configuration to a running SAP installation



One great aspect of Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) is the ability to do seamless push button deployment up to the application layer.

We aim to deploy a physical HANA server with a virtual machine hosting the S4HANA service. Automation will be used to configure the HPE Hardware via OneView and deploy a RHEL instance.     

AAP assures both systems meet the requirements (according to SAP Notes) by updating to a supported version and changing system parameters. Once this is ready HANA and S4HANA will be deployed.




Markus Schreier

Red Hat

Senior Solution Architect

Markus Schreier is Senior Solution Architect within Red Hat’s EMEA Partner Organisation. His experience includes 25 years of IT with some time in Consulting. Markus joined Red Hat in 2014 now responsible for HPE, where robustness, manageability, reliability, security, are always in mind when designing infrastructure.

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