High Availability Postgres for Ansible Automation Platform: A Kyndryl & Crunchy Data Case Study

January 24, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Organizations of all sizes rely on Ansible® Automation Platform for critical processes and workflows. Did you know you can easily upgrade to highly available Postgres with instant failover and redundancy to enhance the resiliency of your Ansible Automation Platform?

This talk will cover the process to upgrade to Crunchy Data's High Availability Postgres for Ansible Automation Platform. Starting with a fully functioning base build of Ansible Automation Platform 2.x series, we will demo the steps to update the base reference files and change database architecture. We will also include a demo of Crunchy Data's High Availability Postgres environment.

Next, hear about the upgrade process internally at Kyndryl and the results of their database upgrade on Ansible Automation Platform. 
  • Overview of Crunchy Data’s Postgres environment
  • Demo of AAP database upgrade
  • Review of the Kyndryl case study


Kevin Holmes, Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat
Kevin has been automating with UNIX and Linux® for 20+ years in IT roles ranging from IT Operations, DevOps, and security.  With a background in media and broadcasting, Kevin is a communicator who finds pleasure in simplifying the explanation for complex topics.  On the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Ecosystem team, he collaborates with a range of other IT solutions, embracing and sharing solutions that involve Red Hat® alongside other technologies.  As a certified Ansible Automation Specialist, Kevin works with operations and DevOps groups of all sizes to align technology, concepts, tooling, practices, and people to a stable and enterprise-ready automation environment.
Jimmy Hopkins, Data Architect, Crunchy Data
Jimmy is an engineering and database architect with over 20 years of industry experience working with enterprise companies like Sun Microsystems and Citigroup. Jimmy now works with Crunchy Data as a Data Architect designing and implementing large scale Postgres environments. Jimmy is an expert in Ansible automation used in deploying database environments.
Brian Peterson, CTO and Architect for Cloud and Traditional IT Automation Solutions, Kyndryl
Brian is passionate about achieving the most efficient and effective IT automation for administrators and application developers. Brian's team provides solutions throughout the complete lifecycle of IT infrastructure processes whether it's Hybrid Cloud Services or Traditional Environments, specializing in automation for the critical ITSM processes for Cloud and Cloud Native environments. Prior to Kyndryl, Brian was a Distinguished Engineer at IBM for over 13 years.


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