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OpenShift, Nutanix and HPE Servers providing the integrated full stack for your application



The highest market share container platform residing on the best accepted hyper-converged infrastructure platform running on number one HPE Hardware. Nothing less will be demonstrated in this session. Join us to see how Nutanix stack takes care of handling and managing HPE DX servers lifecycle like as an example updating hardware firmwares quickly, simply and from a centralised way.
Learn how OpenShift can be easily deployed on a Nutanix/HPE stack while consuming the power and resiliency of AOS storage in a simple way with seamless integrations developed following our joint partnership. This demo will also show how container applications residing on OpenShift can easily contact database services provided by Nutanix NDB solution for a powerful and resilient architecture.


David Martini 

Solution Architect, Red Hat

David Martini is a Solution Architect at Red Hat France with expertise focus on infrastructure and automation technologies. After more than 10 years in international telco and aeronautic companies as system expert, integrator and cloud architect, David joined Red Hat in 2021 in a pre-sales position to support customers in their success.

Fabrice Krebs

Portfolio Specialist, Nutanix

After 15 years working in different services companies, where Fabrice learned about infrastructure, virtualisation, and development, he joined Nutanix as a pre-sales system engineer, while keeping a strong interest in automation, and Cloud solutions. Then he accepted the challenge to take a position at the EMEA level as a Portfolio Specialist, focusing mainly on Cloud Native and Automation, which are the topics that interest him the most.

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