Ansible Automation Workshop - powered by LIS Linux Systems Consulting AG

November 16, 2022 | Delivered as online workshop |


This workshop provides an essential introduction to Ansible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Automation for System Administrators and Operators.
What you will learn
You will learn what Ansible is, how it works in the most basic form on the command line and where Ansible Controller fit. The workshop teaches the basics you need to start using Ansible Automation on your own. The second half focuses on Ansible Controller and when and why you need it when expanding your automation.
Who should attend?
This workshop is suitable for System Administrators and Operators who manage and configure enterprise Linux systems.





9:00 Open workshop virtual space
Welcome and partner introduction to the session
  • What is the Ansible Automation Platform?
  • Overview of public cloud provisioning
Hands-on labs
  • Converting shell commands into Ansible commands
  • Retrieving information from hosts
  • Deploying applications at scale
  • Self-service IT via surveys
  • Overview of System Roles for Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Overview of Red Hat Insights integration
12:30 Wrap up
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