Scale up OpenShift 4 on HPE Synergy via Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform



Scaling up an OpenShift cluster by adding additional physical nodes is a multi step approach. This demo will show how this process can be striped down to a one click process by leveraging infrastructure-as-code principles.

Having a Blade System like HPE Synergy, racking and cabling is not needed, but the firmware of the hosts to add to the cluster need to be configured. Within HPE OneView Web interface a server profile will be defined and deployed to the unused blade servers. As a second step you need to tell OpenShift to expand the cluster onto these newly available servers, normally by logging into the OpenShift Web interface and configuring the necessary changes.

In this Demonstration you will learn how Ansible Automation platform provides a one click approach. All manual interaction is removed and no tool switching is necessary. The demo also allows to scale the environment back down, which needs similar steps in the reverse order.

Franck Davalo

Solution Architect

Red Hat

Franck Davalo is a Solution Architect at Red Hat with expertise centered on OpenShift. With many years of development, engineering and consulting experience at companies like Cetelem as Consultant on J2EE/WebLogic and dev frameworks at BEA System, Middleware Engineering at SFR (Gateway/WebServices Portal, SSO, etc.), responsible to build and run the CAAS platform at Société Générale.

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