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Ansible Automates 2021
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Automation is critical to managing, changing, and adapting not only your IT and network infrastructure, but the way your business operates through its processes.

Simplifying change through automation frees time and resources to focus on innovation. As automation gets the job done faster, IT staff can focus on the issues that really need their skills and, in turn, prepare more processes for automation.

Why Attend?

During the Ansible Automates 2021 virtual event, you will hear from Red Hat experts, customers and partners on how to take your automation strategy to the next level. They’ll explain the power of technologies such as intelligent automation, self-healing infrastructures and edge computing to help telecommunication service providers create, manage and scale repeatable automation for technology infrastructure, network and applications across their ecosystem.

Join Ansible Automates 2021 to explore how a modern automated approach to network and IT management will accelerate service delivery, increase flexibility, and boost productivity.

Who Should Attend?

Ansible Automates 2021 is for IT and business leaders in telecommunications industry who are looking to leverage the benefits of IT and network automation. The morning sessions will focus on IT automation and the afternoon sessions will focus specifically on automation in the telecommunications industry.


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10:00 - 10:15The evolution of automation: going to the next level
Joseph Fitzgerald, VP & General Manager Management & Automation BU, Red Hat
As organizations accelerate their digital transformation efforts they are embracing new hybrid IT models that include a mix of traditional, private and public cloud technologies. Workload strategies in these new models must consider cost, availability, security and reliability, as well as compliance and regulatory requirements. Many enterprises have evolved from use of on-premises virtualization and private clouds to hybrid and, frequently, multicloud environments. Simple, powerful management solutions for hybrid and multicloud environments will solve this paradigma.
10:15 - 10:30Unifying your automation strategy
Belkacem Moussouni, Business Development Lead, Management & Automation, Red Hat
Having the right automation platform combined with the needed cultural change is a must-have to succeed in the constant evolving digital transformation journey due to the impact of Cloud and DevOps. In this session, we will review the new automation possibilities that Ansible Automation Platform can offer to bring scale, better governance and speed. We’ll share insights on why it’s an essential capability and how it can help you achieve your company goals.
10:30 - 11:00Event-Driven Automation
Victor da Costa, Technical Business Development Manager, Red Hat
There has never been a more challenging time for running the services that power your organization - data moves at real-time speed, digital has become the rule, and customers expect secure, always on services. Distributed architectures continue to grow in both size and complexity, challenging even the most capable organization’s ability to effectively manage them. Businesses need to contain cost and manage risk while coping with an ever evolving technology estate. In this session we'll cover how Ansible's ecosystem in combination with Ansible Automation Platform and modern technologies like AI and Containers can help organizations to transform how they operate their entire IT infrastructure stack. By leveraging Event-Driven Automation across the organization, teams can collaborate more effectively and securely, improving SLAs and lowering overall IT operational costs.
11:00 - 11:30Automation of migration to the cloud with Capgemini
Sebastien Reister, Program Director, Capgemini
Belkacem Moussouni, Business Development Lead, Management & Automation, Red Hat
Red Hat partner Cap Gemini share their strategy on how to help organisations with their IT modernization and the role that automation has to play.
11:30 - 12:00Step by step guide to your automation journey
Marc Petrivelli, Managing Architect Automation Practice, Red Hat
As organizations navigate the new realities of an ever-changing enterprise ecosystem, IT automation has become an imperative boardroom conversation. IT executives need more than a tool to get their company where it needs to be. They need a long-term strategy—and a true automation platform—that contributes to the organization’s overall digital transformation. Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform can help by giving organizations the ability to do more with less, while scaling their infrastructure. During this session, we’ll explore an IT executive’s role in adopting and growing an automation solution for success, connecting technology, processes, and teams to deliver more business value.

12:00 - 13:00

13:00 - 13:15Cloud and automation: Changing CSPs’ OpEx outlook
Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum
Explore the different approaches that digital service providers around the world are taking to reduce operating expenses (OpEx) and the extent to which digital transformation is driving these efficiency programs.

In this presentation, Mark Newman, Chief Analyst at TM Forum, will look at the role of cloud and automation and how it impacts OpEx from a financial, business and technology perspective. Join us to review the status of current telco OpEx through detailed analysis of publicly available financial results from leading CSPs operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa: BT, MTN South Africa, Ooredoo, Orange and Telenor.
13:15 - 13:45Unlocking new opportunities of the Edge with automation: use cases in the telecom industry
Chris Thornton, Edge Business Development, Red Hat
The edge has become prime real estate. There is a drive to commoditising it and getting more value from the assets that are stored there. Scale is a key topic that needs to be addressed when utilising edge computing, this includes taking advantage of the minimal size that these 'edges' provide and also the sheer number of these end points.
Join this session to gain an understanding of some of the ways that the value of edge computing is emerging and how Red Hat's automation technology is enabling this at scale.
13:45 - 14:15Securing your telecommunications network with Ansible
François Duthilleul, Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat
The landscape of telecommunications operators' networks has changed dramatically in recent years with the virtualization of network functions and the emergence of cloud platforms. Attackers are heavily leveraging automation for their attacks. Since 5G is going to power life- or mission-critical industries, the amount of attacks is not expected to decrease anytime soon. The service providers must use the same tools to secure the various constituents of their network being physical, virtual or containerized network elements. This session will cover the typical use cases where automation, and specifically Ansible can be leveraged to secure the Telco network and integrate into their existing security ecosystem.
14:15 - 14:45Intelligent automation and predictive analytics
Rajendra Panda, co-founder, Avanseus
Alex Reiniger, Business Developer Manager, Red Hat
Technological evolutions and innovations in the telecommunication sector are accelerating, to cope with the evolution of the market and the competition of the over-the-top media services. It becomes increasingly critical for telecommunications service providers to be able to bring to the market new, innovative services quickly to meet the customers’ expectations. Digital service providers are increasingly turning to transversal automation to benefit from automated service creation and support.

In this session, Red Hat experts will explore the role of automation and specifically, the benefits artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring. Avanseus, an AI/ML Red Hat partner, will present AI/ML use cases applied to automation, including predictive close loop remediation on a fix or/and mobile network and automated preemptive network maintenance.
14:45 - 15:30Networking Demo: Building up a closed loop in 30 mins
Markus Rainer, CCIE, Senior Specialist Solution Architect, Ansible Networking, Red Hat EMEA
Automation means integration and interaction of systems that have previously worked independently. The Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) helps to implement this quickly and easily.

In this demo we will implement a closed loop use case in the network in 30 minutes. The goal is to keep our system and data in sync and to be able to react to possible changes. We want to keep the necessary manual interaction as low as possible.

We use Netbox as the CMDB / IPAM application in the demo and we will integrate Syslog-NG as an event trigger.

Once the basic concept is in place, we will briefly show how it can be easily supplemented with additional use and business cases.

Ansible & Red Hat

Based on open source standards and an agentless architecture, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform gives you a simple, powerful path to modern network operations, while still supporting your current processes and legacy infrastructure. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform delivers the features and functionality needed for team-based automation at scale. It includes a CLI-based automation engine; a graphical management interface; access to advanced analytics, content management, and catalog services; and enterprise-grade support. Ansible Automation Platform provides control over how automation is deployed and used, as well as auditable knowledge about sources and outcomes. Learn more about Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform: