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RHEL 8.x 


May 13, 20219:30 AM - 11:00 AM (GMT+03:00) Jerusalem

על המפגש

גרסאות  i8.X של מערכת ההפעלה העדכנית של  RHEL הביאו איתן  עידכונים רבים ויכולות רבות  בתחומי הניהול, אבטחת מידע, התאמה לתפקד בשימושים שונים דוגמת Application, Storage וכן פלטפורמה להרצת קונטיינרים.

במהלך המפגש נדגים גם כלים לשידרוג גירסאות, את כלי ה- Insight וכלים לסריקת פגיעויות ואבטחת מידע.

את המפגש יובילו גיל רוזנברג ואלכס סטפייב



Gil Rosenberg
Solution Architect, Red Hat
Alex Stefayev
Solution Architect, Red Hat

Welcome & Agenda Overview


Orgad Kimchi, Associate Manager, Consulting, Red Hat


The Monitoring Stack in OpenShift

Michael Kotelnikov, Cloud Consultant, Red Hat


Understanding the OpenShift monitoring platform with Prometheus and Grafana. Implement OpenShift infrastructure monitoring and add your cloud native applications to the OpenShift monitoring stack.


Connecting Workloads Across OpenShift Clusters

Nir Yechiel, Software Engineer Manager, Red Hat 


Companies face the need to spread workloads across several OpenShift clusters in order to take advantage of the capabilities of specific clouds, create more resilient services, or comply with data privacy regulation by locating and securing specific data on specific geographic locations. Submariner is an open source project that makes it possible to connect workloads and discover services across multiple OpenShift clusters, on prem or in the cloud.


In this session, we'll review Submariner’s design principles and current feature set, and demonstrate how it can help OpenShift users in their Open Hybrid Cloud journey.


AI Powered Observability for OpenShift with Dynatrace

Mathew Reider, Senior Technical Product Manager, Dynatrace


In this presentation, Matt will demonstrate how Dynatrace OneAgent provides unparalleled observability for OpenShift including performance monitoring, tracing, events, log ingest, as well as specialized OpenShift metrics and dashboards


Virtual event
,    Israel

Date: May 13, 2021
Time: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM (GMT+03:00) Jerusalem

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