Sneak peek of upcoming Azure Red Hat OpenShift enhancements


What's new and what's coming to Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Azure Red Hat® OpenShift® offers a native and opinionated way to consume OpenShift® inside of Microsoft Azure and helps businesses accelerate their journey towards containers and the cloud.

Join us to learn about how we plan to integrate and expand the depth and breadth of our OpenShift managed services in Azure. In this session, you'll learn more about recently released features in Azure Red Hat OpenShift as well as features planned to launch in 2021.


Jerome Boutaud
Senior Principal Product Manager Azure Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat

Jerome is the product Manager for Azure Red Hat OpenShift. He has been working on Cloud and Service provider for his eight years at Red Hat. He is passionate about delivering products for customers in the cloud.

Roy de Milde
Cloud Native Specialist (Global black belt EMEA), Microsoft

Roy is responsible for making sure that when customers are successful when adopting cloud-native technology in the Microsoft ecosystem. He engages with Microsoft field, partners, and customers for enablement and to drive cloud-native business across EMEA. Roy also gathers relevant feedback from customers and connects them with product and engineering teams. He works closely with Red Hat on a daily basis.

James Read
EMEA Principal Solution Architect (Certified Cloud & Service Providers), Red Hat

James is an EMEA Red Hat Solution Architect for strategic EMEA Certified Cloud and Service Providers and has been with Red Hat for over nine years. James enjoys a deep technical background as a Red Hat Certified Architect, but especially enjoys explaining how technology can help solve business challenges around DevOps and the adoption of public cloud.

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