Labs 3 & 4: A Day In the Streaming Life: Event-driven Architecture with Apache Kafka

April 15, 20219:00 AM - 12:30 PM GMT+7

The highly anticipated virtual hands-on workshop is back! A continuation from Labs 1 & 2, Red Hat now brings to you Labs 3 & 4!

Red Hat® Integration is a set of capabilities that can help connect existing enterprise data and applications with new cloud-native applications. The messaging and streaming capabilities included with Red Hat Integration provide the foundation to create event-driven microservices using high performance message brokers and modern, scale-out architectures like Apache Kafka and Debezium.

The Day in the streaming life workshop is a virtual session with a series of hands-on labs that familiarize participants with event-driven concepts and show them how to use Red Hat® Integration for building event-driven architectures.

Join us for Red Hat's Event-driven microservices and Apache Kafka workshop and learn:

< Lab 3: Cloud native integration: apply enterprise integration patterns using Camel K >

  • Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) in a cloud-native world
  • Extend Apache Kafka data streaming with Apache Camel K EIPs to unlock information
  • Use proven EIPs to solve cloud-native integration challenges


< Lab 4: Complex event processing and event sourcing: discover the benefits of replayable events >

  • Use Apache Kafka Streams API for real-time events processing
  • Apply complex event processing to real-time streaming data


This workshop is LIVE and Interactive. There will not be any on-demand video for this.

10 mins Platform Introduction/ Overview of session
45 mins Introduction to Red Hat Event-Driven Solution
150 mins Module 3 : Cloud Native Integration
Module 4 : Complex Event Processing and Event Sourcing
Training Modules available
5 mins Summary / Call to Action

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Date: Thursday, November 1, 2019

Time: X:XX a.m. – X:XX p.m.

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