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Red Hat Open Demo - Managing Containers, Kubernetes and AI workloads on your local machine with Podman and Podman Desktop



Red Hat Open Demos are the technical live demo sessions led by Red Hat Technical Experts. You can learn about Red Hat solutions and products and gain technical knowledge. As it’s the one of a series of Open Demos, you can find more information for other sessions.

Today’s Open Demo

Kubernetes is the go-to platform for scaling containers, but for developers, it can be daunting, particularly with the discrepancies between local and production environments. Podman and Podman Desktop bridge this gap. In this talk, we'll introduce Podman and unveil Podman Desktop, an open-source GUI tool that streamlines container workflows and is compatible with Podman, Docker, and more. It serves as a beginner-friendly launchpad to Containers and Kubernetes, enabling you to spin up local containers and even local clusters, or work with remote environments.

No session is complete without a demo of course, so we'll show you how to navigate the paths to transition from a Quarkus (Java) app to containers, to pods, and ultimately to Kubernetes, highlighting how it reduces discrepancies and enables predictability in your deployments by leveraging Podman and Podman Desktop's perks and security advantages. You’ll learn how you can benefit from Podman to streamline your container development processes!
Finally, Podman Desktop has recently also launched a new feature “Podman AI Lab” which allows you to run AI models locally. We’ll explore this feature and infuse our application with Open Source AI capabilities, all running on our local machine.
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Kevin Dubois

Principal Developer Advocate

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