The 20th of June marks two occasions: the start of summer and Tech Day, back as a full-day live event in the Netherlands! Throughout this day, not only will you hear the latest open source technology news from our industry experts. We will also provide you with lots of opportunities to explore Red Hat technologies yourself during our live demos and hands-on workshop sessions. Here's all the reasons you don't want to miss this:

  • be the first one to deep dive into all the latest technology updates as presented and released during Red Hat Summit 2024 in Denver.

  • learn all about how to impact your platform strategy by using AI & Edge technology in your day-to-day business. 

  • discover how you can build security into your software development life cycle from the start.

  • experience Red Hat® OpenShift® and Red Hat® Ansible® Platform yourself, during workshops such as OpenShift AI, Virtualization and Ansible dev spaces on OCP. 



Whether you're an architect, administrator, platform engineer or developer, every new application and service that you release adds complexity in an already challenging environment. This demands a consistent, flexible platform across every environment you choose, and services like integration, data, analytics, and more to enable the different apps you release. But how do you sustain a long-term capability to bring together new clouds, tools, and integrations, especially when you can’t predict future needs? The answer isn’t one company, one cloud, or one vendor. Instead, the future of IT is hybrid. This is true for your customers, who expect you to continuously deliver a mix of different services, and for your teams, who must maintain some workloads on-premises while also supporting cloud-native development. 


9.00 - 9.55 
Welcome & registration 
10.00 - 10.55 
Keynote opening
By Carrie Carrasco & Bart Schurer
11.00 - 11.55 


Red Hat Device Edge overview

Presentation with demo by Bertrand d'Herouville 

Recap Summit: Ansible Automation
Presentation by Maxim Burgerhout
Streamlining insurance claims with OpenShift AI
Workshop by Sander Snel 
OCP Virtualization
Workshop by Waeil Eldoramiry
12.00 - 12.55 
RHEL strategy and roadmap 
Presentation by José Ángel de Bustos & Alessandro Rossi
The operational effect of observability and event-driven automation
Presentation by Ismail Dhaoui 
13.00 - 13.40  Lunch
13.45 - 14.25 
RHEL Infrastructure Lifecycle Management
Presentation by José Ángel de Bustos & Alessandro Rossi 
Developer Hub
Presentation with demo by Andrew Block
Kubernetes Data Protection with Kasten by Veeam
Presentation by James Tate
Automating cloud native enterprise with Dynatrace & Red Hat
Presentation by Melvin Visch
14.30 - 15.25 
Recap Summit: OpenShift & AI
Presentation by Wian Vos
Red Hat Trusted Software Supply Chain 
Presentation by Ben Taljaard
Welcome to your shiny new Ansible dev experience part I
Workshop by Fred van Zwieten
Red Hat Device Edge part I
Workshop by Bertrand d'Herouville
15.30 - 15.55  Break
16.00 - 16.55 
Red Hat Service Interconnect
Presentation with demo by Maurizio Discepolo 
Virtualization and migration with Ansible
Presentation with demo by Rafael Cardona Garcia
Welcome to your shiny new Ansible dev experience part II
Red Hat Device Edge part II
17.00 - 17.15  Closing 
17.15 - 18.30  Drinks

Session info

  • Red Hat Device Edge Technical Overview. In this presentation with demo, we will show you all about Red Hat® Device Edge
  • RHEL strategy & roadmap. We will provide the key to understanding and visualizing the strategy moving forward and give a clearer view on what was announced and what’s coming next in RHEL like RHEL AI, Image mode, and more.

  • RHEL infrastructure lifecycle management with real life use cases. We will explore some of the common scenarios where Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform portfolio can support, like: content and infrastructure lifecycle management with Red Hat Satellite Security, vulnerability and advisory management with Red Hat Insights Baselining, configuration and automation management with Image Builder and System Roles Compliance with OpenSCAP integration in RHEL, Satellite and Insights Managing in-place upgrades and conversion from RPM-based distribution to RHEL.

  • Workshop Edge: Red Hat Device Edge hands-on workshop.

  • Recap Summit: Ansible Automation. We will give you an overview of all automation news that was presented during Summit in Denver. 

  • The operational effect of observability and event-driven automation. IT automation strategies are the main topic of conversation because manual methods alone are no longer enough to manage complexity across hybrid environments, such as clouds, multiclouds, and on-premises technologies. Teams have to coordinate within and across domains and complicated technology, but without an automation strategy in place, delivering critical new capabilities will be slow. In addition, the operational infrastructure needs to be more consistent and change needs to be done efficiently and accurately. Event-driven automation is a new technique that provides an automated response to changing IT conditions. It can help keep key applications running smoothly with fewer issues due to consistent and accurate actions. When an issue does occur, resolution can also be achieved in less time with automation instead of extensive coordination. While event-driven automation is not a new technique, what’s needed is a way to expand its use while shrinking the technical debt of custom development. Join us to learn more about how to take advantage of observability and automation to run your critical technology more smoothly.

  • Automating cloud native enterprise with Dynatrace & Red Hat. The audience dives into automating cloud native enterprise with Dynatrace and Red Hat. In the first part, we’ll be looking back into the past to share the journey of the partnership between the Dynatrace and Red Hat ecosystems. In the second part of the talk there’s a deep dive on auto-remediation, how observability plays a role in the grand scheme of things and finally, how auto-remediation is put in practice!

  • Workshop Welcome to your shiny new developer experience. This workshop is for the Ansible Developer, or Ansible Engineer as we like to call them these days. In the first half, we will give you a comprehensive overview of all the goodness that we deliver for you in the latest release of Ansible Automation Platform, which is a LOT! In the second half, you can get your hands dirty with all that goodness. You walk away with a solid understanding of these tools, and we hope you will start using them in your own environments.

  • Recap summit: OpenShift & AI. You will hear all about OpenShift, OpenShift AI, RHEL AI, InstructLab and other new technologies that were presented at Red Hat Summit 2024. 
  • Red Hat Service Interconnect: presentation with demo. 
  • Red Hat Developer Hub: presentation with demo. 
  • Virtualization and migration with Ansible Automation: presentation with demo. 
  • Kubernetes Data Protection with Kasten by Veeam: Join Senior SE James Tate to learn about Kasten data protection for Kubernets workloaeds, how we handle non-CSI applications, how we can enhance our Red Hat customer's OpenShift experience and the newest features of v7. 
  • Workshop Streamlining insurance claims with OpenShift AI. Unlock the future of insurance claim processing! Join this hands-on workshop and discover the revolutionary power of generative AI and computer vision in the world if insurance. In this immersive experience, we will show you how OpenShift AI can transform the way you handle insurance claims, making the process faster, smarter and more efficient than ever before. 
  • Workshop Virtualization. Hands-on Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization experience. Explore the possibilities that await on your infrastructure modernization journey. This workshop caters to VMadmins and infrastructure architects, with a tailored, hands-on lab that takes a comprehensive look at virtualization fundamentals, importing, networking, storage and more.


Sander Snell

Sander Snel 

Senior Specialist Solution Architect

Fred van Zwieten

Fred van Zwieten

Senior Specialist Solution Architect 

Ismail Dhaoui

Ismail Dhaoui

EMEA Associate Principal Specialist Solution Architect 

Maurizio Discepolo

Senior Specialist Solution Architect, Application Services

Maxim Burgerhout

Solution Sales Specialist Ansible Automation

Andrew Block

Distinguished Architect, Global Services Office of Technology

Ben Taljaard

Account Solution Architect 

Waeil Eldoramiry

Principal Specialist Solution Architect, Application Platform

Bertrand Red Hat

Bertrand d'Herouville

Senior Specialist Solution Architect, Ecosystem

José Ángel de Bustos 

Senior Specialist Solution Architect, RHEL

Alessandro Rossi 

Senior Specialist Solution Architect, RHEL

Rafael Cardona Garcia

Senior Specialist Solution Architect, OpenShift

Wian Vos

Application Platform Sales Specialist

James Tate 

Kasten Senior Solutions Engineer at Veeam

Melvin Visch

Solution Engineer at Dynatrace 

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